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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rugby and Weathermen

Evening Bloggerati,

not my normal post this evening as I'm still recovering from the rugby, the drinking, the celebration and knowing that through a dodgy ref decision we actually won for once... ah the sweet irony.

Anyway there seems to be a bit of a contest at the BBC to see which weatherman can be bad-ass.
First up there was Thomas Schafenacker flipping the bird when he though no one was looking...

(personally I love the fake coverup he attempted)

But this was then totally outdone by his colleague Alex Deakin who not so skillfully tried to slip the C word into his broadcast




  1. What exactly did he say? I tried to listen many times, couldnt catch it. Congrats on the big win. And maybe this is f month in UK. Everytime is flipping the bird.

  2. Congrats on Saturdays win. I'm still a bit grumpy at you lads for beating my Irish in this 6 nations and the RWC, but I'll agree with your previous posts song: "As long as we beat the English".

    Also, I love the first weathermans attempt to casually play it off like nothing had happened. :-)

  3. Second one.. Freudian slip, I can forgive that. The first one I'd fire, honestly.

  4. Haha, on that second one it seemed as if he had taken a dare or bet to say it on the air and keep his job.

  5. Weathermen keepin' it gangsta fo lyfe on the BBC.

    Keepin' it real in the name of the Queen.

  6. Why is it always the weathermen that tend to slip up
    though not nearly as bad as Fox over here in which they reported obama dead instead of osama that got someone fired for sure

  7. LOL, excellent the first one really made me laugh!! As for the robgy match.........